Coaching/Energy Work

Carol Ann works with clients on an individual basis, helping them clear subconscious and energetic blocks, which can affect them physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Her unique process assists her clients in creating a healthy, vibrant life.

Carol Ann says:  “Through the science of specialized kinesiology, we can discover when, where, and how that a disturbance occurred, and to redirect the energy by way of very gentle, non-invasive techniques. We do not cure disease. We balance the energy of the individual; then, the body does a wonderful job of rejuvenating itself, sometimes instantly!

“When a person has a desire to be healed, the facilitator assists in balancing the energy with the ‘body intelligence.’ It is the person’s body that does the healing. Deepak Chopra stated, ‘To promote the healing response, you must get past all the grosser levels of the body — cells, tissue, organs, and systems and arrive at a junction between mind and matter, the point where consciousness actually starts to have an effect.’

“As I work through issues with my clients and students, the realizations they must reach are deep in the emotional body. There the focus is one of forgiving themselves and others, and then loving themselves and accepting others. Healing happens with love and acceptance. Each of us has love deeply buried within us. When we remove the layers of a lifetime of fear and pain, love is brought to the surface for each of us, even the most hardened criminals.

“When we restore the flow of energy to the meridian system through eliminating stress, the body can heal itself. We facilitate the ability of the individual to heal him/herself. It can happen very quickly when they are ready. We simply identify the issue that is causing stress in their lives. Then, go to the first original cause/age of that stress through biofeedback and release the pain in that memory. Finally, it may remain just a memory but without that stressful pain previously associated with it.

“The process is so gentle and non-invasive, with simple exercises to restore the meridian energy flow and balance the body/brain. Clients and students are then asked how their life will be different if they no longer have stress on the issue controlling them. They take back their power and become more of who they really are with each layer of stress removed.

“The cases mentioned in my third book, Goodbye Stress, Hello Happiness are but a small fraction of the cases which I have felt honored to facilitate. They occurred primarily in the former Soviet Union and Eastern European countries where fear, pain, lack of freedom and war were such a major part of their existence for many decades. Through this process, people feel as though they have emerged from a dark, closed period of their lives.

“You too can emerge from any dark times and transform yourself into the happy, peaceful, loving being we were all intended to be!”

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