Carol Ann Hontz is an author, teacher, and public speaker, who is committed to making a difference in whatever she does.


Carol Ann is dedicated to the improvement of education for children and adults alike.

Forty years in the field of education has taken Carol to many parts of the globe, first in public education, then in Montessori Education and, since 1980, working in the field of spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional health and wellness. She has been awarded The Most Outstanding Teacher Award from the University of New Jersey, and The Distinguished Service to Humanity Award from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, her Alma Mater.

She is the President of her own personal development business; owner of a Budapest Montessori Preschool; and founder of The Foundation for Integrated Education. She has taught Montessori teachers in Budapest and Prague, and was a sponsor of a number of Montessori Preschools and Elementary Schools in several Eastern European countries.

As a university student, she traveled to France to study. She later taught in Russia, Poland, Slovakia, and the Ukraine, traveling extensively from these locations.

While living in the Netherlands, Carol was introduced to specialized kinesiology (biofeedback/stress testing). The top American specialists in this field were teaching there. Among the many branches of specialized kinesiology she studied were Touch for Health, educational kinesiology, behavioral kinesiology, applied kinesiology, One Brain (where she is now Faculty Emeritus), stress release, and others.

Teaching and Healing

Through teaching specialized kinesiology, she demonstrated her dedication to humanity, graduating 15,000 students in Russia, Poland, the Slovak and Czech Republics, and Hungary since she began working there in 1991. Thousands of these students are now, themselves, working in this area, having their own centers, and hundreds are also teaching specialized kinesiology.

A frequent guest on radio and television in Eastern Europe, Carol also gives many interviews to magazines and newspapers. She has authored three books: Inner Treasures, Infinite Potential, Goodbye Stress, Hello Happiness. At a recent international conference for UNESCO, she lectured with top world scientists on Alternative Medicine. Earlier, she lectured for an International UNESCO Peace Conference.

With thousands of students and clients changed in body, mind and spirit through her direct, personalized work and teaching, Carol has proven her techniques, to be an outstanding element in the area of Alternative Health Methods. With documented, impressive results, and her search for new and improved methodology, she continues to be a leader in this field.

Enhancing Wellness

Carol Ann is also dedicated to enhancing the well being of others, through health education, and products which help to detoxify the body.  Learn more here.

Carol commutes between Europe and the USA, where she is teaching, seeing clients, and enjoying her family.

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