Goodbye Stress, Hello Happiness (2009-USA and Hungary) Price $14.95

In this book are found the secrets to happiness. Fear, pain and fear of more pain interrupt the flow of meridian energy eventually causing dis-ease in the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual bodies. Numerous examples are given that illustrate how easily corrections can be made in such areas as: Panic Attacks, Depression, Fear, Anger, Self-esteem, Compulsive Behaviors (Addictions, Obsessions), Allergies, Relationships, Communication, Co-ordination, Learning Challenges, Listening, Public Speaking, Obesity, Headaches, Skin Disorders, Arthritic Pain, Backaches, Exhaustion, Blood Pressure, Sexual Problems, Conception, Hormone Imbalances, Birthing, Accidents, Road-Rage, Suicidal Tendency, Lupus, Lyme’s Disease.

Change your thinking, change your life! Healing your body, mind and emotions is easier than most people think. Join in the journey of discovering how you can reclaim your power and say hello to happiness!

Inner Treasures (1996-Hungary, Czech, Slovakian, Russian, 2006-USA)
Price $10 (plus handling and shipping)

We must reeducate parents, teachers, children as well as all of society. Our children are filled with fear, pain and fear of pain, as are we and our parents, and as were our grandparents. We now have effective techniques and educational insights to release the fear and pain of the past and reconnect the body, mind and spirit. In this way, we can noninvasively correct the energy flow of the body and mind so rejuvenation can happen naturally and easily. Then we and our children can develop into healthy, happy, creative, and productive individuals. It is our birthright.

The exercises and information contained in this book are an aid to begin the process of nurturing and regenerating the body, mind and spirit. We can heal ourselves and our children in all areas when we care for, love and accept ourselves and our children in a special way. Through simple exercises which help to balance the meridian system, we can heal ourselves. Many university students won’t leave home without it!

Infinite Potential (1990-USA, 1994- Hungary)
Price $19.95 (plus handling and shipping)

Underneath the layers of our stress, fears, and belief systems lies a beautiful gemstone waiting to be uncovered and polished to an illustrious, creative, harmonious and happy being. Peeling off those layers of programming can be an exciting, gentle, non-invasive process.

What we plant from the conscious level, we reap in our body – all too often in the form of physical symptoms, allergies and other problems. We work directly with emotions that lock limitations into our perception of ourselves. We release the past programming, and find ourselves free to make more effective CHOICES. This book will give you a brief description of this wonderful process. I have included interviews with my clients as they relate the incredible results achieved through the use of specialized kinesiology.

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