We call our graduates “facilitators” because they facilitate healing.

When a graduate feels comfortable with the process and has also worked sufficiently on him/herself removing many of their personal blocks (and continue to work on self), they are ready to work with others.

Usually it is a few courses before they are ready to work on people outside their family and close friends.  Many people take the courses for their personal benefit and do not want to work with others.  Others want to make it a career, and are highly motivated to learn it quickly and thoroughly.  It is important to remove as many personal blocks as possible to have a clearer energy field to work with others.

Graduates of the courses can teach any of the courses which they have taken, after they have completed any five courses, and have repeated the specific course with Carol Ann that they want to teach, and have her approval.  The manuals and certificates must be obtained from her at a nominal cost, and the pricing of the courses are standard for all instructors.

See the complete list of courses and seminars here.

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