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Metamorphosis Seminars:

Each course is two days, 9 a.m. until 5 p.m., with a morning and afternoon break, and one hour for lunch. Each seminar is $175, with an early discount price of $150.

“Mental Sharpening” is the first course for all students, containing the basic tools for the remaining courses.

The foundations of the courses include:
•    A working knowledge of muscle (stress) testing
•    Age regression
•    Procedure for a client session
•    Eleven corrections for learning problems as well as for many major issues, such as relationships, compulsive behaviors, fears, addictions, obsessions, eating disorders/weight, communication, and career issues.

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1. Mental Sharpening: Remove blocks to being sharp and aware, using your fuller potential and mental acuity without stress. Taught are basic techniques used in all other courses shown below. Stress on reading, writing, hearing, speaking, mathematics, linguistics and vision will be addressed in this seminar.
2. Evolving Relationships: Accepting self and others as they are is the key to moving freely in interactions with others. Correct the reasons why you fail in relationships and then create the kind you want, both personal and professional. Bring peace, harmony and understanding into those relationships.
3. Balancing the Body: We are what we eat, drink, breathe and think. These affect the quality of our life. We learn to test foods which strengthen or weaken our bodies and to identify and release toxins from our bodies. We study other environmental factors that affect health. We then design our healthy lifestyle.
4. Abundance: Do you believe that there is never enough of what you desire? Release those old belief systems that are holding you back from abundance in: career, health, wealth, relationships, travel, and adventure. Learn to choose an abundant life!
5. Time: Your attitude toward time is what blocks you. Change your attitude and you will find a totally different quality and perspective on time, managing it wisely and successfully to attain your goals and living in the “now” as children do.
6. Slim, Trim and Fit: How do you care for and feel about the body that provides so much for you, day and night? Learn to take responsibility for your choices with food /drink and the condition and care of your body. Release the belief systems that keep you from having the body that you would like.
7. Can We Talk? Improve communication with others by releasing old fears and pain with: public speaking, telephone conversations, fear of rejection and disappointment, all manner of communication. Release stress on and hone the skills to becoming a better speaker, communicator and happier person!
8. Self Esteem: Someone told you that you were not good enough. You believed them. Now is the time to recognize how special you are and that no one else can be the best you that you can be. No one else can take your place in the world. Release stress on other’s expectations. Become empowered: be the real YOU!
9. Wellness, Our Natural Being: When our emotions are in balance, our bodies will follow. Our natural state is good health, happiness and abundance, but we forgot how to “be” this. Balance your inner and outer worlds to give you power, grace, better health.
10. Target the Goal: Limitation means we withhold our expression. Learn to let life flow with ease, releasing fear-based limitations, judgments, and control issues. Be delighted to be alive to achieve your mission here in the world! Come feast at the banquet of life, achieving your goals.
11. Business with Integrity: A win/win approach demands open honest, communication and celebrating everyone’s success as well as our own. In this course, we remove the blocks of jealousy, greed, and competition to be the best person for ourselves we can be and to be “on our place” in the business world.
12. Conflict Resolution: Release old fears and learn how to resolve conflicts peacefully. Understanding all possible points of view and then being open to sharing them is the key to successful conflict resolution. Focus on the solutions, not the problem.
13. Fears=Addictions=Obsessions: If we let go of fear, fear lets go of us. If we let go of guilt, guilt lets go of us. Most of life’s experiences are based on fear. Fear is the basis for our addictions (desire to feel good in present time) which are the basis for obsessions (fear of enough in the future). Release them!
14. Social Responsibility: In this seminar we will release fears concerning education, government, religion, your role in society, as well as health issues such as: fear of illness, fear of pain, fear of doctors, operations, suffering, dying, and hospitals.

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