Shift In Life
“I have just completed my fifth course (Slim, Trim and Fit) with Carol Ann in Orlando. For years, I have had one leg one half inch shorter than the other. In the seminar, Carol Ann asked me where I was denying my creative options – a major issue in my life!

“At the end of a few minutes of work, my legs were the same length as the muscles relaxed. “Weeks later, they are still equal. The other thing that I noticed is that when sleeping, I have never been able to sleep on the right (short) side for very long. Now it is so comfortable to do so. I think my sleep is even improving!

“Last Thursday I went for a blood test.  I have had issues with needles.  Well, first I actually went into the building to have the test (I have been known to just throw out the test request paper and not do it). Then I was nervous but did NONE of the following:  hyperventilate, sweat profusely, arch my back off the table, cry, faint or kick the wall leaving giant skid marks. All of these things have happened before. I did some deep breathing and drank water before the test but for the most part I was able to carry on a conversation and drive off to a luncheon right after.

“Thanks to you for helping me create such a shift in my life!  I hardly recognize myself. SUPER! Thanks Carol, just for being you.” –  LT from Toronto

Improved Reading
“A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I were in a lecture presented by Carol. As the discussion and explanations relating to some of the workings of the brain in relieving fears, the subject of dyslexia came up. I have suffered with the symptoms of dyslexia for as long as I can remember, almost 70 years. I raised my hand, and asked a couple of questions. Carol then asked if I was willing to work on this problem ‘right now.’ To make a long story short, I was.

“We were able to relate the problem to an incident that happened when I was in the second grade. Carol asked several questions that related to how I felt and reacted at the time as a seven year old boy, and as we worked together for a period of about 6 to 7 minutes I noticed that when I opened my eyes, things were a bit better focused than they had been a few minutes before.

“I have had about 3 weeks now to put this to the test. I can now read large blocks of text that would have taken lots of time due to such problems of reading off of the page and having a hard time controlling my gaze and focus. I think I understand what has happened in that the fears in my subconscious have been put to rest and now the link between brain and eyes is clear, but the thing I do know is that it is now fun to read. Therefore, I joined her seminar and had many, more deep changes.” – L of Peoria, IL

Panic Disorder Released
“I am so grateful to have met Carol Ann Hontz. I realized from talking to her that she could most likely help me with the panic disorder from which I had suffered from for 45 years. Since my first session with Carol about 6 weeks ago I have not had another panic attack. The intense fear I use to experience throughout the work day crippled me as I worked; requiring me to work so many more hours just to compensate. This is gone. I told Carol that I was going make an appointment with my doctor to come off of medications since the panic disorder is gone. My attitude about my future is incredible both personally and professionally.” – Catherine in PA

Driving No Longer Stressful
“I definitely benefited from the session I had with Carol. As soon as I walked outside to the car, my fiancé could see I was visibly much more relaxed. One of the things she worked on was my fear of being on the road in cars since my auto accident. I feel a big, huge difference when driving now, and it was immediate! It is no longer stressful, and I feel sharper when driving. I would like another session with Carol. I fully expect more great results to report after another session. I also believe that after the session about the accident some residual pain near my spine has disappeared, as well as the angst and fear!”  – B.in Lawrenceville, NJ

She Is Fantastic
“I just wanted to tell you that I really liked Carol’s healing session. Would you have her back again? I would probably have another session with her. Just wanted to tell you she was fantastic.” –  A. in Doylestown, PA

Released Symptoms of Lyme’s Disease
“I came to see Carol Ann for lingering symptoms of Lyme’s Disease. I was feeling very run down and had aches and pains in my body and felt like I had a fever all the time. It’s been 2 months since Carol Anne worked with me and I haven’t had any symptoms since that time. I had blood tests taken after my meeting with her, and everything came back negative. I’m very grateful for her treatment.” –  Sheri, Malvern, PA

Released Panic Attacks
“My teenage niece came to Carol Ann for problems with anxiety and panic attacks. After a few treatments with Carol Ann, she is calmer, more engaged, much more positive and just seems to be taking more of an interest in life. Her grades are improving and she started taking Yoga classes recently. Thank you so much, Carol Ann.”  – S.

Personal Story
“We don’t have the money to spend on knick-knacks. If you can find a broken horse, maybe someone will give it to you,” my father says. My young inner self hears, ‘You aren’t worth the price of a whole, undamaged china horse. You are only worth the free, discarded, broken ones.’ My inner translator stamps on my brain, ‘You are only worth what no one else wants. You are not worthy of great stuff. You are lucky to get leftovers.”

“Later in Life: Teachers are workhorses. They are always ‘in the harness.’ New teachers are ‘champing at the bit’ to get started. You ‘get back in the saddle’ after being gone. You ‘take up the reins’ each new school year.

“When you retire, you are ‘put out to pasture,’ like a worthless horse that no one can use any more but haven’t the heart to kill. So, you are not only worthless, you are unwanted and undeserving of good.

(Memory) “You’ve been bad—no ice cream for you! You are WRONG—go to your room and don’t come out until you say you’re WRONG!” my father orders. (But I’m NOT wrong.)

“U-m-m-m-! We’re having ice cream and you can have it if you say you’re WRONG!” (That would be a lie—I’m not wrong.)

(I don’t get ice cream very often—but saying I’m wrong would make me a liar. I did no wrong. So I sit in a dark room listening to my family eating ice cream—and I cry.) (End of memory)

“Born in the early 50’s to a controlling father and a now cowed and submissive mother, my life was one of near poverty and abuse. My father ruled us totally. He decided what kinds of used clothes we could take from the missionary barrel to wear, what hairstyle we were allowed, what books we read. He ate the best and his fill of what we had and his will was ours (or it had better be if you wanted to avoid a beating with the leather belt he hung in the closet.)

“At a young age, I saw discrepancies in his teachings, but when I questioned them, I was “of the devil” and was beaten. I was also ‘cursed’ with intuition, but learned to keep that quiet for survival sake.

“Although I was the first grandchild on either side of the family, I was a girl. When my brother was born, I was “discarded” emotionally and ignored in favor of the ‘blessed’ male. He was what mattered, not a mere female, so I tried throughout my life to be better, faster, and smarter than the male population so I could receive some sort of recognition.

“When the sexual abuse started, I also longed unconsciously to be male. Maybe “he” (my father) wouldn’t do those things if I were a boy. I began to gain weight—in an unconscious attempt to become unattractive. Men don’t like fat women. If he didn’t like me, maybe he would leave me alone. No such luck. Although he was obsessed with looking young and trim, the abuse continued. If I did not submit, he would do it to my younger sister, he said. I was already “damaged goods”. Maybe I could save her. Later I discovered I had not. He had abused her as well, although not as severely. He also later abused my nieces and had made attempts (some successful??) on various women … during counseling sessions. When confronted by the others concerning one woman who came forward and accused him, my father convinced them she was having fantasies about him, and her whole family was expelled from the church. To the outer world, he presented the facade of a caring man of god. Only our family saw his true self.

“My mother died when I was 24 and my father remarried. My siblings grew, married and started lives of their own.  Throughout my adult life, I tried to undo the conditioning of my youth. I began to follow my own spiritual path and to embrace my “other world” gifts. My abilities were revealed to few and to none of my family. I learned shamanic journeying and soul retrieval, became a Reiki master in five traditions and studied many religions and spiritual teachings in an effort to understand what my soul sought. Who was I and why was I here? I began to write what my soul wanted to say, to draw what my inner eyes saw. Still, I shared the results with few. Afraid, the inner child was afraid.

“Years passed and I retired from teaching school. Releasing most of my belongings, I moved across country. New friends, new places. Abundance still just beyond my reach. My pension did not quite cover basics and so I substituted, designed jewelry, did clay work and drew, all trying to make ends meet and have a bit extra so I could continue to do the jewelry design and clay work I love so much. And I wrote—poems, short stories, three novella length stories. Studying, working, peeling away at the onion layers of my life—but it was going so very slowly.

“A friend told me of a specialized kinesiology teacher she had studied with and was going to see again. Interesting, but no money to pursue. A few months later, the same friend emailed me that the same teacher, Carol Ann Hontz, was going to present seminars in a nearby town. I replied, asking what changes my friend had experienced. I was impressed with her answer. Maybe this was something I should look into?

“Carol Ann’s method was so gentle and yet went deep into the mind of my inner child. Blocks shattered. I slept on a couch while my friend had her session. During Carol Ann’s lecture, I was chosen for one of the clearings. A fear of high open places that I have had for most of my life was released.

“As I listened to her information and real life examples, I knew I needed another seminar of the ones she offered the next week. Another leap of faith. It would take all but $15 of my money to pay for it. I told no one. The inner child was afraid. The adult me said—TRUST.

““Four days of seminars. Like someone stranded in the dessert being offered water, I drank. My soul filled as the layers of conditioning fell gently away. Insights came. Light returned—light that had been extinguished at birth.

“One final seminar remained—one I wanted, needed to take. But the money was gone. Carol Ann came around and asked each of us if we were coming to the final class. I confided my situation and, graciously, she said we could work something out.

“On the drive back home, I realized I had no money, BUT I did have jewelry—one-of-a-kind items I had created—that I could offer. With hope in my heart, I gathered several pieces I thought would appeal to Carol Ann and brought them with me the next day. I was not only able to trade for the price of the seminar, but also sold pieces to other participants as well. I received back most of the money I had trustingly spent on the classes. Guess what seminar I just finished??  ABUNDANCE!!!  It works!

“I am so grateful to Carol Ann for developing this powerful yet gentle method. I am grateful for her patience and willingness to share this with us. She is truly a light in the darkness. Thanks to her, the layers of my onion is much thinner and I am looking forward to taking more classes in the future.” —  name withheld by request

Carol’s methods at work…
“I am a lawyer with a Doctorate in Law from Eötvös Lóránd University of Budapest.  Presently, I am the managing director of my own successful specialized bonding company (we issue surety bonds on behalf of an insurer) and also am involved in a network marketing business. I have a young family including 2 daughters.  My wife also has several jobs, as a mother and home-maker and as a participant in our marketing business.

“Three years ago, I met Carol.  It was then that my entire life, both personal and professional, changed dramatically.  She brought to me and to my family, a whole different perspective on life, one of positive thinking and caring about ourselves and others.  At this time, I was just starting in this new business venture of bond insurance with many struggles and doubts.

“After some sessions with Carol, I was able to change some bad, old habits, old mentality.  This new, lateral thinking helped me as well to create a very successful business. Although most sessions were centered on my personal, internal questions, these issues also held me back in my business.  Carol’s work with me and other members of our family have given us an understanding of what stress is, and how to recognize and deal with it.

“In addition to the bond business, I am also working with another company and have sent many of these colleagues to her workshops.  A recent one was, “Can We Talk?”.  This is not only a course on public speaking, but also one that releases those stressors which block all areas of communication.  The feedback I received from most of the attendees at the seminar was that it dramatically changed both their personal and professional lives in just those 2 days, mainly because of the stress-release techniques they learned and can now apply in their everyday lives.

“The next course was on “Evolving Relationships,” and about 32 colleagues attended as well.  Relationship interactions can be a great stressor on the job and in our personal lives.  Since attending Carol’s workshops and benefiting additionally through private consultations with her, I have experienced great changes in these areas.  I can now see situations from many viewpoints and resolve issues more rapidly, and in a balanced perspective.

“The changes in my family are numerous and deep.  In addition to this work, my children also have the advantage of attending Carol’s Montessori preschool, which is based on the understanding and nurturing of children.

“When the children, my wife or I exhibit physical symptoms of illness, we work with Carol on the emotional cause and solve the physical problem immediately. My younger daughter, Luca had serious skin problems (eczema) on her back at the age of one. Mariann, my wife took her to Carol. Since the fears, attitudes and stress level of the mother are absorbed by the child, Carol worked with Mariann’s problem, that logically affected Luca as well. In two days, Luca’s skin was better and the eczema disappeared.  Here, we learned that stress from the parent can “go through” to the young child.

“Three years ago, I had severe back problems. It lasted for more than 8 months. We tried all kind of creams, massage, etc. When I went to Carol the result of the muscle testing found a crisis at the age of 23. I could not remember anything, so she specified a bit more.  She could test the exact feeling as well what stressed me. After having this information, I remembered immediately what happened, we discussed the story and found the connection between that feeling in the past and my present situation.  The next day the pain in my back was just a memory.  It was gone.

“My extended family and friends have also benefited greatly from this work. Here are some other examples:

“My older sister, Judit was so allergic to milk.  She was taken to the hospital several times and had many difficulties because of this illness. She could not eat anything which contained milk. She had only one single session with Carol and that evening she could drink my yoghurt drink without having any problem. All the problems she had in the last 15 years simply disappeared that day…and it is not magic.  On another issue with Judit, with the help of biofeedback testing, Carol realized that the source of public speaking stress was an event on stage at the age of 6.  Judit wanted to recite a poem, but she forgot everything and she had to leave the stage crying.

“My sister’s friend is a 28 years old girl and the skin on her face was covered with acne. She tried many kinds of special creams, went to different doctors but could not reach any result. These were not “normal” spots, but bigger, red, inflamed festers, which were painful as well. After having one “Carol-session” my sister could hardly recognize her friend, since all these festers disappeared and the girl felt herself like a “reborn”, happy young lady.

“Among our friends are two couples, both of whom tried to have a baby, but one of the women could not get pregnant and the other could not carry a child, having had several miscarriages. Zsuzsa, a close friend of my sister, has tried for several years, tried even special treatments in special institutions as well, but had no results. After having one session with Carol, where they found the emotional block of her problem, that on a deep subconscious level, did not let her become pregnant, she could let the stress of the past go and finally became pregnant within a short time after her visit.  The other woman was able to carry the child to full term and have a healthy baby.

“My mother was a head of a preschool in Siófok. One of her colleagues had an 8 year old child who had dyslexia. They did not even have to wait until the end of the session, since the little boy immediately after the correction that Carol used, started shouting: “Mom, I can see on the left and right side as well!!!!” Until this session, his sight was blocked and he could see only in a “tunnel-mode”. After the correction his field of vision was natural.  No wonder he had problems reading and writing.

“In summary, I can confirm that we are generally happier in every aspect of our lives, we need many fewer medicines and visits to doctors, and we are each more productive in whatever our job is in our professional lives and in our now more harmonious home.” – Dr. George Lampert

“My name is Maria. I’m so happy that I met you. I was very sad, and depressed. I feel so better now. I thank you very much and God Bless you and your family.” -Sincerely, Maria Lazada, August 4th, 2011

“After speaking with Carol Hontz, I felt a good sense of relief. She helped me relieve issues that I never thought were issues.”

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