Carol Ann Hontz is a dynamic teacher, speaker, and life coach.

Carol developed and offers her series of courses for self-help and healing of the body, mind and spirit called “Metamorphosis.” This system first identifies, and then corrects any specific negative emotion which can manifest itself in all forms of learning, relationship and health problems. She believes that by “changing your thinking, you can change your life!”

The focus is that, as thinking is changed, energy changes. When that occurs, the body can heal itself very quickly, sometimes instantly, of dyslexia, allergies, phobias, addictions, obsessions, panic attacks, weight problems, eating disorders, and many other similar emotional and physical maladies.

Healing your body, mind and emotions is easier than most people think. Join Carol Ann in the journey of discovering how you can reclaim your power. With fear out of the way, we are able to surface our infinite potential to become more creative, productive, healthy, wealthy, balanced. Then we can spread our wings and fly, saying “goodbye to stress,” and “hello to happiness!”

Join Carol Ann for:

  • Individual Breakthrough Coaching
  • Training to become a Specialized Kinesiology facilitator by clicking here!
  • Attend Carol Ann’s next seminar!

Healing Your Relationships – Part 1

Healing Your Relationships – Part 2

Healing Your Relationships – Part 3

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