The King’s Speech

Upon viewing the stuttering problems of King George VI, it brought to mind some clients for whom I have had the opportunity to correct their stuttering.  The fear and pain which goes with that condition is exacerbated not only by personal frustration and embarrassment, but also with a deeper pain which is the emotional cause of the impediment.  With the king, the cause appeared to be his repression of anger toward his older brother who had teased him.

I would like to share with you three cases which were recalled as I watched his struggles on the film:

This client, a 12-year old boy, had stuttered since kindergarten.  When I tested him (biofeedback via kinesiology) to ascertain the cause, his body indicated that it began in kindergarten and then September 9, 2001 came into mind for him.  When I asked him about that day, he remembered the confusion and emotional upset he had felt as the adults around him were very sad and upset.  No one explained to him what had happened; nevertheless, he internalized their fears and sadness.  After administering the meridian correction, he was 95% better and the last time we were in touch, he continued to be quite fluent with his words.

A 19-year old Hungarian lady was in my class in Budapest.  She had stuttered every syllable since first grade, which is where, through biofeedback testing, we found the age of cause to be.  She could read going into first grade, but her new teacher made her sound out every syllable rather than pronounce the entire word as she’d learned to do.  From that time onward, she stuttered.  That night, so excited for now being able to communicate with everyone without feeling shame about stuttering, she went disco dancing until 4 am!  She did show up for class at 9 am that day beaming about her new life!

A mother brought me her three and a half year old daughter who stuttered every syllable.  The age of cause was determined to be age two when her father in his anger threw her and her baby brother down the stairs.  With the energy correction came total release and the stuttering stopped immediately.  The next day at preschool, her teachers said she became a little social butterfly.  Now she could trust people.  We were lucky to have made the correction at an early age before years of psychological damage occurred.

Through our stress testing we can determine the exact age associated with negative programming into the brain/body, causing specific areas of the brain/body to be shut down in defense with the fight or flight response triggered to avoid more pain.  The body will indicate the areas that were shut down and with simple exercises/techniques we can switch the energy on again.  Usually we can correct problems in one session.  Occasionally it may require more if there are other, related areas that cannot be handled at one time.  Countless physical, mental, emotional, and learning problems can be corrected in this way.

We must all find our own “voice” and then we can all be “king” of our lives!

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